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Do weight loss teas really work?

Just a quick Google search of the phrase ” does weight loss teas really work” has unearthed an amazing amount of results – 82,000,000 in .66 of a second!

Its obviously on peoples mind as a topic they want to know more about…

The amount of times I have been asked do I blend a weight loss tea is incredible! When I tell people that I dont make a specific blend, their first reaction is surprise, surely weight loss tea is a thing?

Im not so sure it is, actually. I know there are companies that are making a small fortune from selling weight loss tea blends at some fairly big prices, but are their claims even tested?

Claims made by manufacturers about weight Loss tea sit within the grey area that is often exploited for profit at the expense of the consumer – this isnt well regulated and all sorts of untested claims can be made to attract a customer without backing them up with proof… We are all busy people and we tend to trust what we read or see in the media without taking the time to do our own quality research.

A recent Choice* article asked 3 experts about the claim that Weight Loss tea can help you loose weight – the feedback from these experts suggested that there really is no evidence that a tea can help you loose weight, doesn’t matter what the ingredients are. Weight loss tea, combined with a sustained calorie deficit diet and exercise can facilitate weight loss, but as soon as you go back to eating calorie excess and stop exercising, the tea stops working!

So where should you spend your money?

Spend it on the teas that you will drink – if you like the taste of the weight loss teas, by all means buy them!

Life is too short to drink bad tasting teas… Drinking tea, weather they are herbal blends or black teas is a great way to stay hydrated and are a fantastic substitute for other drinks that can be full of sugar and additives.

If you like Green Tea or Pu-ehr, there is some research that suggests that in certain circumstances, drinking Green Tea or Pu-ehr consistently alongside a healthy diet and exercise may assist in reducing the health risks of Metabolic Syndrome, and compared with the group that received no tea or a placebo and no healthy lifestyle advice lost about 3.25kg more across the same period of the trial. in a trial size of 300 adults with Metabolic Syndrome.

However, these results have been contradicted in other trials, so the lessons to be learned really are that more research is needed and always test the claims made on the packet!


*Choice Magazine;  June 2018


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