Lighthouse Mint


“This tea is brewed simply by infusing one teaspoon per cup with boiling water, in a tea pot, plunger or in-cup infuser. Let steep for 7 to 10 minutes to ensure full flavour – strain and serve. Lighthouse Mint is also very popular prepared as an iced tea for those hot summer days. This is also an excellent way for children to enjoy the health benefits. Preparing Lighthouse Mint Iced Tea: Method one: prepare as per hot tea, refrigerate until cool and serve with ice. Method two: prepare double strength tea (2 teaspoons to one cup of water), let cool then add to a drink cooler or glass with equal quantity of ice.”


This tea is superb!

Lighthouse Mint blend is an unusual more subtle version of the more commonly available peppermint or mint teas. A simple combination of outstanding quality Australian grown, Certified Organic Spearmint leaves with amazingly aromatic Certified Organic Lavender flowers, this blend is soothing, calming and uplifting. The subtle effects of Spearmint on digestive discomfort mixed with the calming, immune building qualities of gentle lavender are a delicious selection which can be enjoyed all year round.

Ingredients (certified Organic)

Spearmint,  lavender flowers

Weight N/A

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